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Beechcraft GB-2 (Traveller Mk.II) in 1:48

Beechcraft GB-2 (Traveller Mk.II) in 1:48
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Beechcraft GB-2 (Traveller Mk.II)

in 1:48

Single-engined light aircraft designed at the beginning of the Thirties by the Beech Aircraft Corporation for the needs of private pilots.

The biplane had an unconventional biplane configuration, whereby the upper wing was positioned to the rear of the lower, and was thus named the Staggerwing.

With the beginning of the war the military authorities ordered several hundred of the type because its fine features made it ideal for use as a speedy communication aircraft.

Aircraft which served with the Navy were designated the GB-2.

Over a hundred Staggerwings were delivered to the United Kingdom under the Lend-Lease agreement, where they were given the name Traveller.

Naval aircraft conducted flights from relatively remote naval bases to the continent.

The main task of these machines was the fast transport of staff to military units, or the emergency delivery of important mail.

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